Stephanie's family on a Dance of the Deer pilgrimage retreat in Zion.

The Path of Life

Huichol shamanism has opened my life, and my children’s life, to the world of nature in a manner that I could never have imagined.  I always wanted to find a path that gave me an ancient indigenous method to honor nature and the elemental powers, to teach me how to live as a human being on Mother Earth.  The Huichol way resonates with me because it is a path of the heart.  The Huichols never had a warrior class, so all their energy went towards spiritual development, and all their spiritual journeying is through the heart.  Brant Secunda has taught me and my family how to open our hearts and learn to listen to the world of nature, to listen to, and internalize the forces of life that keeps us connected to the happiness, health and balance of life.  One of the most incredible aspects about learning Huichol Shamanism with Brant Secunda is that he takes us on pilgrimages to sacred places of power in nature.  We walk as the Huichol natives walk on pilgrimage and learn how to leave offerings to sacred places in nature, and in exchange Brant blesses us with the power that is brought forth during the pilgrimage.

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