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Alaska Humpback Whale Tale

Living the Dream in Alaska

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Alaska ... not the cruise…
Brant Secunda with Huichol

Journey to the Heart

"Is your heart happy?" Don José asks the children at his rancho.…
Embracing Spiritual Energy and Life

Sacred Spiritual life

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way…
Shamanic pilgrimage to Crete with students sitting in a ceremonial circle.

Deep Blue Mediterranean

Imagine a place where the earth is carpeted with wild sage, thyme…
Tahiti - photo by Mark Allen Ironman Triathlon World Champion

Tahiti – Realizing a Childhood Dream

In my early teens, I saw a group of photos from Tahiti. They…
The return of light. Finding hope and life.

Remembering to Live

Over and over again I have heard in the last months what a difficult…
Brant Secunda blessing with macaw fan

SHAMANISM: The Healing Journey of the Heart

Shamans throughout the world, from Tibet and Mongolia to the…

Springtime Gratitude

a poem by Terri Anderson
Shaman sings creation…
Huichol Girl Laughing in hut window

Journey into the Huichol Sierra

Chronicles of the Spring Ceremony by Nico Secunda
We made it…
Sacred Journey Mt. Shasta

Effective Tools of Communication

Shamanism offers important and effective tools of communication.…
Brant Secunda

Natural Balance

Regaining your balance in the modern world
I’ve been a part…
Coming together at Mount Shasta to build a long lasting powerful spiritual community.

Building a Spiritual Community

Brant takes people to Mount Shasta annually to do ceremony, learn…
Brant Secunda with Don José Matsuwa and Doña Josefa Medrano

Journey into Healing

In 1970 at 18 years old, intrigued by a book of Carlos Castenada.…
Spring Blossoms of the Soul

The Power of Springtime

In the springtime, the Earth is waking up from her dream and…
Huichol Indian God's eye yarn art.

Huichol Visionary Works of Art

The Huichol are a culture steeped in artistic expression. From…
Don José Matsuwa with Brant Secunda during a Huichol ceremony.

Dreamers of the sun: Huichol Shamanism

In 1970 at 18 years old, intrigued by the books of Carlos Castaneda…
Stephanie's family on a Dance of the Deer pilgrimage retreat in Zion.

The Path of Life

Huichol shamanism has opened my life, and my children’s life,…
Huichol altar at Drum and Harvest Ceremony 2017

Drum & Harvest Ceremony • Autumn 2017

We arrived in the village just before sunset. After eating a light meal of beans and fresh handmade tortillas with salsa, we prepared ourselves for the ceremony. People from various villages had traveled to partake in the harvest ceremony. Elders, men, women, children, and newborn babies all coming together to celebrate, to give thanks, and to pray. Everyone gathered around the fire to offer prayers for a good ceremony. Then the leading elder shaman began to chant quietly, the sound slowly growing as the flames of the fire strengthened.
Reflections of a Journey In - Woman healing her depression

Reflections of a Journey Within

I woke up gasping for breath my heart pounding.  A heavy weight…
Sierra Madre Mountains

Power Places

Pilgrimage & Huichol Shamanism
– Originally published…
Mt. Shasta Pond Sunset

Mount Shasta Journey

Looking ahead, I see a journey to Mount Shasta. A beautiful,…
Huichol girl with a ceremonial rattle

Huichol Pilgrimage and Ceremony

How do you celebrate your life? How do you honor this radiantly…
Huichol Indian Boy with Rattle. Learning shamanic traditions from childhood.

Shamanism: The Healing Way of the Heart

For those who are concerned about the growing rift between the…
Sunrise Shamanic Practice

Shamanism by 6:30am

I have been studying Huichol Shamanism with Brant Secunda for…
Huichol Indian Traditional Corn Ceremony

Dreamers of the Sun Part II: Mother Dove

Ceremonies form a major part of Huichol life. The Huicholes are…
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