28th Annual Shamanic Retreat

9-Day Retreat in the Mediterranean

Join Brant Secunda to celebrate the blossoming of spring on the spectacular island of Crete, the Deer Island of Greece. Find your connection to the gentle waters of the sea and the rugged mountains that rise up from the shores of secluded beaches. Immerse yourself in this healing environment to regenerate your body and soul.

Held sacred for thousands of years, the land is alive, infused with the energy of ancient gods and goddesses. The Dance of the Deer Foundation’s Cretan Center is surrounded by the turquoise blue of the sea and has an incredible view of the island’s tallest snow-capped peaks. The Center overlooks the cove of the Sacred Healing Water Beach and is the perfect environment for healing through shamanic practice.

Registration Info

April 14-23, 2017


(888) 455-3337

*Family, senior, and student discounts available.
*Price includes shared rooms. Private lodging options available.
*Price does NOT include airfare, transportation or meals.