Huichol Indian God's eye yarn art.

Huichol Visionary Works of Art

The Huichol are a culture steeped in artistic expression. From the very clothes they wear to the offerings they leave at sacred places of power, there life is like a canvas onto which they paint their visions and dreams. The tribe is famous for its beautiful embroidery and weaving, as well as intricate beadwork, including jewelry and detailed sculptures. The one of a kind “Yarn Paintings” have become well known throughout the world. These paintings are made by pressing strands of colored yarn into beeswax, which has been flattened onto a piece of wood. All of the designs found in the art are said to be representations of the divine. It is an unspoken law in the Huichol tradition, that before one can begin to make any piece of art, they must have either a dream or a vision of the designs they plan to use. It is because of this that the people continually pray for good dreams, in order to receive inspiration for their artistic endeavors.

Much of the Huichol art requires patience unknown to the modern world. For instance the large beaded figures, such as the deer, jaguars and eagles, are made one bead at a time. Making the art is much like a meditative practice, involving a great deal of focus and concentration.

Today, much of the outside world has gained a significant appreciation for the Huichol art. In stores and markets throughout Mexico as well as in many other countries, one can find gorgeously embroidered and woven bags, beaded jewelry and Yarn Paintings all made by this ancient nation of artisans.

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