Our Relationship with Food

As living beings, we all rely on food for sustenance. We each have an innate relationship with our food, but this relationship is also affected by our culture and personal experiences, in turn informing the way we understand, enjoy and respect the food we eat.

How do you honor your food? This and other questions are addressed in this interview. Brant Secunda describes the indigenous perspective of food, as experienced within the Huichol culture. He recounts the way the Huichol manifest a deep relationship with the food they grow and gather from their environment and methods they utilize to honor these harvests.

The sacred crops of the Huichol, including corn, squash, and beans have their unique mythology, informing the way in which the Huichol honor these foods and integrate them not only physically into their bodies, but also into their spiritual rituals and ceremonies. Brant explains the spiritual heritage of some of these foods, including URARI (Chocolate – the Food of the Gods).
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