Nico Secunda in Japan

March Update

Hope you’ve been enjoying the spring season! We have been blessed with beautiful rain over the past few weeks here in Santa Cruz. The earth is now moist and the wildflowers and apple trees are beginning to blossom. Each day brings a mix of sunshine and showers, making for a feeling of crisp cleansing clarity.

March was full of progress and more adventure. After returning from New Zealand with my father, I headed back across the Pacific to Japan for a short 5-day journey. While there, I visited the sacred Kumano region and made pilgrimages to various places of power, including Nachi Falls (the tallest waterfall in Japan) and Tate-Haramara (the Pacific Ocean).

Back to Santa Cruz for a couple days and then on to Mexico, where we joined our Huichol family for a Dance of the Deer Ceremony to welcome the spring season. It was wonderful to be back in the remote sierra with my father and a handful of close students. Many Huichol families came from the surrounding mountains to join in the equinox celebration. As always, it was an empowering time and the energy from the ceremony continues to propel us into the spring season.

During our time in the villages we also made headway on laying the groundwork for the Huichol Cultural & Language School; one of the projects of the Huichol Foundation. We’ll be sharing more about that in the near future.

Our East Coast OnGoing Group met at Cape Cod this month. Everyone managed to make it there through the frigid storms along the east coast. They had to pray extra hard for the awakening of spring, but now it’s creeping up towards 50°F.

Also, we’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team. Please join us in welcoming Kaia Roman, our new Outreach Manager! She joined our team after returning to Santa Cruz from Bali, where she worked with the Green School (considered the greenest school on Earth). You can look forward to some really fun and interesting initiatives coming your way from Kaia’s desk.

Now, we’re preparing for our retreats in Germany and in the Mediterranean, on the rejuvenating island of Crete and then we’re looking forward to our local spring workshop at the Pacific Ocean.

Lots going on here and more exciting news coming very soon. Stay tuned and keep in touch!

All the Best,

Nico Secunda

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