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“Why do I need to be in a workshop with a group of people to connect with nature and the earth around me? I don’t – but the group offers me the opening to learn, to be with a teacher who sends us out into nature with lessons on how to connect in a powerful way…

My journey continues and within it I share my experiences with a group of individuals who are on their own path, all of us connecting and learning who we are, who we have been, and who we will always be.”

“Brant has shown me the power of balance. He has brought hope to my life and trust in all of life to my heart. But the scope of his work goes well beyond just the person.

Brant gives us all a chance to pray for the earth and all who live on her. And there is perhaps no more important time to do just that than right now!”

“We came to Alaska from the hustle and bustle of our life in Argentina. As soon as we put our feet on this beautiful land our anxiety and everything else faded away. The ceremonies opened our heart and soul like a flower blooming with the unstoppable force of nature.

The eagles, the ocean, the glacier, the wisdom from Brant and his teachings and the great feeling of love between everyone…I cannot be more grateful for this amazing time and it will forever be engraved in my heart.”

“Crete is paradise on earth. The land is so alive, filled with wildflowers and herbs growing in mass profusion. Golden eagles soar overhead. The Dance of the Deer Center and ceremonial area overlook the turquoise waters of the Cove of the Sacred Healing Waters and the Mediterranean Sea.

Brant Secunda’s ceremonies here are especially powerful, with the energy of all the groups he has led here over the years. I fell in love with the extraordinary beauty and feminine power of this land. An outrageous journey!”

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About Our Programs

Each of our shamanic programs provide an in-depth experience of shamanism, which allows you to bring sacred practice into your daily life. You will learn to tap into the power of nature and to uplift your soul through ceremony and ritual.

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