Menla Mountain Retreat

Harvest the Light of the Autumn Season

Weekend Retreat in Upstate New York

This seminar focuses on the Power of the Light and spiritual practices to brighten yourself from both the inside out and outside in.  Learn to bring light into your soul through your inherent connection to the sun and experience ancient ceremonies to celebrate the light.

Brant Secunda presents specific Huichol teachings on the light, grandfather fire and father sun.  Delve into the ancient shamanic knowledge passed on for thousands of years to empower your life, focus your intentions and create a more balanced life.

Enlighten your soul and gain new inspiration for your life.

Registration Info

Nov. 14–16, 2014
Registration Fee: $450–$695*

Expand your shamanic wisdom through ancient practice and find a deeper connection with nature and yourself.

Call us or register online.

(888) 455-3337

*Family, senior, and student discounts available.