Accommodation Information

Room and board are all-inclusive when booking with ZIST.

The rooms in Penzberg ZIST are simple and comfortable. Penzberg ZIST offers a variety of accommodations. Please choose the category desired, and then call ZIST at +49-8856-93690 to reserve the room.

A5Shared RoomShared Bathroom61€
A4Multi-Bed ApartmentPrivate Bathroom 61€
A3Triple RoomShared Bathroom61€
A2Twin RoomShared Bathroom73€
N2Twin RoomPrivate Bathroom86€
N1Single RoomPrivate Bathroom105€
H2Garden – Double OccupancyPrivate Bathroom92€
H1Garden – Single OccupancyPrivate Bathroom117€

All prices for room and board are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

ZIST asks for your understanding and consideration of other guests; they do not have the necessary facilities to accommodate pets. Please do not plan to bring pets.

The vegetarian meals served are prepared by staff on site. There’s fresh and seasonal food, all high quality and the majority of ingredients are certified organic. Dishes are savory, varied and each prepared with great care. They are not able to refund for missed meals (meals not taken).

The kitchen staff will accommodate your needs when possible if you have special dietary requirements for health reasons. Please let ZIST know when you reserve your room.

Telephone and Internet

Rooms which are equipped with a telephone have free internet connection (LAN). At the anteroom of the big group room (Saal) there is a free WLAN hotspot installed. The hotspot is active between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.; during the night it isn’t activated to avoid disturbances of the night rest. A computer with internet access and connection for personal laptop internet use are available for free use in the alcove next to meditation room (in a common area).


The café serves as a common room for breaks and evenings. During the day, fruit, coffee and a variety of tea are provided at no cost. In addition, you may request various non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, coffee specialties and snacks. Please enter your consumption on provided lists, including your name. Costs for these requested items are billed to you and payable on the day of departure when checking out.

There is also a coin-operated coffee maker. The office will be happy to make change for you.

Seminar store

ZIST reception is also the seminar store. Seminar supplies are available, such as selected literature, audio and video cassettes, CDs, DVDs, picture cards, meditation articles, as well as small gifts. A local map for walking or cycling is also available for purchase.

Leisure Facilities

The Retreat House and seminar facilities are secluded in forested grounds and near several lakes. ZIST is an ideal starting point for walking, cycling and swimming in the spring and summer, and cross-country skiing and downhill skiing in the winter. ZIST provides some basic bicycles for rental. For longer cycling tours we recommend bringing your own bicycle.


Sauna facilities, including towels, are available during lunch breaks or in the evening for a fee of eight Euros.


Children six to sixteen years of age, who share accommodation with their parents, are offered a rate reduced to twenty-five Euros for full board rate. Children under six years of age stay at no charge when sharing a room with their parents. By prior arrangement, individual child care arrangements on site at ZIST are possible. Please contact the ZIST office if interested at least one week in advance.

Additional Information

Clothing you will need during your stay at ZIST will include loose, comfortable clothing, items to help protect you from sun, rain, and cold, indoor shoes and outdoor footwear according to your activities as well as slippers or socks for comfort in the guest rooms and in the group rooms.

Ready to Book?

Call ZIST at +49-8856-93690 to reserve your room.

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